Monday, December 28, 2009

ICC, Tier-9 Set and Achievements, Oh My!

Twas the night after Christmas and all fell asleep,
after the excitement dwindled and ended last week.
Kids all snuggled tight in their bed's
while zhu zhu pets got thumped on their heads.
Ma' snoring on the sofa, and me looking for my authenticator
trying to log on to the random pug generator.

Christmas night: Invite'd to join a failing ICC 10-man run. They were on the second boss and had to refill ranks. After about 4-5 more wipes, we successfully took down this boss. Keys we found: 1) The boss is surrounded by a shield, then summons groups of adds to fight for her, typically a (or 2) casters and a melee. Burn down the casters immediately. They shield up after approximately 10 seconds and can only be melee killed afterwards. Melee on the other hand drop poison and need to be killed via casters. Our OT could handle these while we burned down the casters. Before the next wave, dot the boss up then mana up. When successful, we had her down in about 3 minutes. I picked up the Scourgelord's Baton, replacing my old off-hand.

Moving to the gunship battle, I selected the to man a turret. Always fun in Wintergrasp, I thought I'd do well here too. Fire the turret at the gunners on the opposite railing. There are 2, one for each turret. You should be able to take one down before the turret ice-blocks. When ice-blocked, I would stand on the railing and target the gunners firing across. Just don't be like the other lock and fall off the boat.

We finally got to the third and final boss of the instance. This is a simple tank-n-spank if you have the ranged dps. With only 2 locks (and it was 1am local), we simply couldn't kill the ads quick enough without someone getting hit, strengthening the boss, and causing a wipe.

Saturday: Random Pugs until I was able to get the Heroic Pit of Sauron and Good Grief achievements. Good grief was a bit of a surprise in that I never thought we'd kill any boss in less than 60 seconds.

Last night, Sunday: While waiting for my spot in line, I ran up to Icecrown and plopped down the 50 badges for my Tier 9.0 Warlock chest. Gemmed and enchanted, it has a gear score about 10 points better (via pawn) than my tier8 piece. This doesn't take into account the set bonus for having 4 pieces (gloves, shoulders, legs and chest). I did notice on a few boss fights last night that my dps was almost 3k, up from the 2k-2.5k I was getting before. Personally, I look the much more. The violet skirt on the T8 piece was starting to get to me. I've turned off my helm and cape so I can see the intricate detail of these pieces. No, I don't care to look like a bird-man.

We'll see if I am able to log on tonight. My ISP, AT&T, prematurely disconnected my DSL before my move to a new house.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lil' Fawn's Salt Lick

For a couple weeks now, I've been only 3 'vanity' pets away from completing the Lil' Game Hunter achievement. Checking the auction house, they were all selling for well over 300g each. :-\ Not really on the top of my priority list for use of my gold resources.

Looking at my 'currency' tab, I noticed that I had well over 90 of the Champion Seals from doing the Tournament dailies. So each of the Champion pets are only 40 seals, but I was really saving for my hippogryph mount.

Last night, I broke down and bought the Tirisfal Bat and the Mulgore Hatchling, then plopped down the 300g to get the Senjin Fetish. This put me at 75 pets, earning me the little fawn!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Addon Status: Checking out the Competition

I knew this coming in, that someone very likely designed an addon to compete in my market. I am looking for an addon specifically designed to help me with completing the Loremaster achievement. So far, I have found two, Carbonite and EveryQuest. Reviewing both applications, neither was able to do exactly what I am looking for.

Carbonite is an all-in-one addon that includes quest tracking, mapping and prioritization. Sounds perfect for what I want. I used it before for working through questing in Northrend (after it became free) for a few zones. It provides a running count of quests for a zone and helps pin-point the next location you should work in. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to have it pin-point areas I should go to. Of course, it also took me a week to find out where the 'unexplored area' coloration is. I was able to find the 'database' of quests and determine what I hadn't completed. What I found out is I hadn't completed any of the hunter attunement quests, or the paladin, charger quests (in Orgimmar). What I did find useful, when checking the map in Carbonite, I see quest giver symbols. As I hover over the icon, it provides me quests still to be completed. Areas like Orgimmar and Razorhill were not so useful since so many of the holiday quests are focused in this area. Other areas, like the Barrens only shown quests that I could still complete.

EveryQuest is simply a quest tracker. It keeps track of the date/time that you completed a specific quest. One bonus of this addon is that it allowed me to filter what I had NOT completed. In addition, the addon provides categories for the quests (Orgimmar, Undercity, Warlock, Seasonal, etc.) in addition to automatically pulling my current zone to show what is still left. Downside is that this addon doesn't appear to tie into others. I get a name and level for each quest, but no idea where it starts. If I could push this quest to a map, say Carbonite's, or have the data link to LightHeaded so that I can get the coordinates for the quest giver. Wait. What am I talking about??

Quest List

The quest list uses your quest history to display quests from any category in game. It lists quests you haven't done in zones (ex: Borean Tundra) so you can get the achievement easier.

EveryQuest integrates with LightHeaded (Wowhead quest comments, NPC locations) so clicking a quest will open the wowhead comments for that quest. Lightheaded then integrates with TomTom waypoints to direct you to the quest giver.


EveryQuest: Quest Givers


I finished up a quest giver module that mimics the functionality of Handynotes: Quest Givers but integrates EveryQuest quest history and filtering by faction (daily quest coloring/filtering maybe later).

OK, I now need to go home and fire up that Curse tool again. I missed something.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Considering an change to my alchemy mastery spec.

As of patch 3.3, the Transmute mastery has started looking very tempting. I went with Elixir's master, cuz I wanted to proc on those all so demanding flasks, but since the addition of Flask of the North and high cost of farming/buying Frost Lotus, I have been usually running with it.

With the patch, gems have been selling like hot-cakes again. Everyone is re-gemming their new gear with epic gems (on my server, I am getting 170g for 40g in mats selling Majestic Zircon). Xmute would generate 2 gems for each single set of mats. So, double my profits on each gem!

Also, the xmute mastery has removed the cooldown on transmuting titanium bars. I could quickly purchase a bunch of saronite and have my mechano-hog in no time.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Addon Studio

I downloaded the Addon Studio the other day. This development platform looks excellent for designing the WoW Addon using the new 3.3 Quest Finder function.

I'll let you know my status.

What happened Mortigan?

I had been following you closely on your blog, then gone.. Everyone loves your (definitive) post on Raiding Rules (google cache)

It looks like you've stopped playing completely as your last update to the WowArmory was 11/22/2009.

Hope all is well with you and your level 1 female human... The Blogosphere misses you.

I declare Patch 3.3 a success!

Last night after a few failed attempts to connect to my default server, I was able to finally logon. Yes, like everyone I had problems with my addons (xperl being the most annoying, which has been updated).

After logging on, I immediately picked up my core hound pup. This absolutely cute little pet, begs, rolls over, dances, plays with a bone and even eats the ground. /hug. I then ran over to see Breanni and picked up the cat and albino snake on sale for 40g each. Fel Fire suggest selling these on the AH for a profit until people start catching on that they are freely available. :) Hmmmm.. Anyway, I am now up to 71 companion pets!

Immediately after that, I ran over to check on the Heroic Daily. I was surprised to see that the Daily was Patchwerk Must Die!. This would have provided 5 Frost and 5 Triumph badges, if I could have found myself a group. :( Hmmm, new LFRaid channel?! Or if I logged on earlier than 10PM local, guildies might have helped.

What I did try out was the random LFG pug tool. Love it! Within 3-5 minutes of enlisting, I was dropped into a Halls of Lightning then Gundrak. Not only that, I found the zones had maps! Really! Top it off, each role is definitively labeled in the new view. I no longer need to ask "who's healing?", it's the person marked with the + next to their picture!

Finally, I took a peek at the Quest Tracking tool. Hard to miss. Open your map, and it shown 4 of the immediate quests I had in my logs in IceCrown. Each marked with a small number and when you highlighted the zone, it would give you a 'search radius'. Nice, but I couldn't find somethings. As part of the Forge of Souls instance, you need to get the intro quest. I picked up this quest in Dalaran (entrance to the alley leading to the Horde Inn). Immediately it was 'Completed' as it's only a go chat with Lady Sylvanas outside the instance. Where is she again? Still don't know, I couldn't find her on the quest tool.

Overall, I am very happy with the changes with 3.3. 3 new pets! Two heroics in one night! A new ring from all those new Triumph badges I got.

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