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9.1.5 Shadowlands Leveling and Gearing

This time, I leveled a druid.  This was a really fun change of pace, being able to swap between melee, tank, and ranged DPS as necessary (except for this one time, tbd later). Even better was jumping into cat, or travel form when inside and couldn't normally mount. Travel form magically upgrades right before (like at 38 instead of 40) learning the newest riding speed, so always fastest self-running.  Gear & Enchants: Leveling gear consisted of all leather-agility-haste, heirlooms where available. Upgraded a number of items to the shadowlands editions so that I could continue getting heirloom benefits up until 50.  Enchants were a bit more pragmatic. I was fine spending a bit of gold on a leveling enchant on an heirloom item. I was not fine spending that same amount on a green leveling item.  Pretty detailed guide: Wowhead Path: For leveling, I followed Azeroth Auto-Pilot and played through WOD content until I got to roughly 30s. At this point, I flipped over to Legion leveling