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Soapbox: Lazy Form of Raiding

Over the summer, I spent 2 weeks with my family (parents, brother's family and my family) on the beach in Maui. It was absolutely awesome, the beach, the sea turtles, Duke's for dinner, and those sunsets. It was nice taking time away from work, to simply be a tourist. Sea Turtle Source: (brother's)   Instagram Recently, Blizzard has stated that they used to think of LFR is raid " Tourist Mode " . The players get to experience the entire raid without having all of the complication of the (could use voice chat) mechanics. With Tomb of Sargeras they've changed their design philosophy, rather dramatically. This can be seen in such fights as Desolate Host, where, the players never actually fight the Desolate Host , or Avatar where there's no meta-boss, Maiden. This is a massive disservice to the casual/LFR crowd. As a self-declared casual player, I am now at a loss. I currently pugging normal Nighthold raids to he

LFR TOS: Chamber of the Avatar - Wing 3

This is for the third wing of Tomb of Sargeras. For the other two wings: Wing 1 - Gates of Hell Wing 2 - Wailing Halls As today, Monday, I haven't done this raid yet, so I don't know how complete DBM is. Maiden of Vigilance (aka Guitar Maiden) ( wowhead ) Split raid into two sides of boss. (light or yellow and fel or green) When infused with light or fel run to that color (yellow vs green) [place down raid marker] Unstable soul - is because on wrong color with infusion. Doesn't do raid wide damage in lfr, stay on platform.  Tanks should take hammer based on their infusion. Creation = light, obliteration = fel. Fel tank taunt immediately after hammer of creation.  Phase 2 - boss teleports to other side. Run to her and take down her bulwark ( ie Karazhan's Maiden of Virtue). Can run down center line to avoid all orbs.  Soak matching color orbs to match your infusion. Gives buff +10% damage +5% healing buff per stack up to 10 stacks. Players can stack wh

Topic 23: Why Do I Blog?

Everyone who has created a blog has done so for a reason. For all of you WoW bloggers out there, what was that reason? Why did you choose to put fingers to keys to write about a computer game? What type of posts do you like to write? Does your blog have a theme to it, or do you just wing it and write whatever you want? We’d love to know! Blogging as a community As I've stated in previous posts, WoW is all about the community. One of the most striking elements of the video game is the number of 'third party' contributors to the game. Sure there are the big companies that have large staffs of people posting about this game (as any game does, pcgamer, gamespot, wowhead, blizzwatch, etc.), but it's the bloggers that help it stand out. Us bloggers add life to a game that would probably otherwise die. We comment, we complain, we analyze, we deconstruct. If not for community like ours, we wouldn't have flying any longer in new content. Blizzard would have bee