Guild Group

Last night after introducing some guild members to the holiday bosses, we decided to run a dungeon. Considering they just reached a 330 gear score, they weren't quite ready to take on their first heroics (at least at 11PM).

So, being they just came back to the game for Cataclysm, we decided to run COT:Culling of Stratholme for a free bronze drake. 5 levels made this dungeon a piece of cake for a warrior, shadow priest and warlock, like myself. We flew through this dungeon in no time, and they picked up their achievements. Unfortunately, it was the bronze drake we were after and we didn't run it Heroic. Rinse, reset to heroic, repeat. Tank actually died on this round, when overwhelmed by scourge, luckily I was able to finish off the mobs and the priest res'd the warrior, still finishing in time for the drake.

The best surprise!? Nope, not 2 drakes. The best part was that we got a guild achievement for this Wrath heroic instance. So, 3 is the perfect number for a heroic instance. On the other hand, 3 is not enough for a Crucible of Carnage. We wiped twice trying to get past the worgen. Guess we needed a full Healer, not a part time shadow priest.


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