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I am a fairly avid reader of Darth Solo's blog Wow Alone. He has great gold making ideas, pet acquistions and locations and his experiences leveling, well, solo. As a more casual player, I can sometimes relate to his experiences and draw from them. This last year he's taken on trying to complete the Long Strange Trip achievement, which forces group play, which he has taken in stride.

His latest project is This site is a great quick reference for anyone wanting to build, create or enchant items. As he put's it:
BankAlt is a World of Warcraft database for professions and recipes which helps you determine the materials needed to craft a certain recipe. However, it can drill deep into all the sub-mats and sub-sub-mats and... you get the idea. As a result, it calculates the total number of base components - or raw materials - that you will need in order to craft your recipe.
As you may know, I have a similar project to this going on, but Darth's is so much more elegant and this is only the beta release. For example, a quick search on the Engineering pattern for a Personal Wold Destroyer (which appears to only emote like he's a kid riding a motorcycle, just needs vroom vroom sound effects).

I see a big potential for a site like this. For example:
  • Include the Wowhead price on an item based on current market values of something, then make a suggestion to buy the raw items, or a different level. (Is buying 16 Obsidium bars cheaper than 8 Handful of Obsidium Bolts?)
  • Query a large cauldron recipe, then have it break down all the materials for that cauldron.
  • Check my guild page (or list of favorite toons) and tell me who has this recipe? (Possible long term goal with a site named
He is actively looking for suggestions and comments on his work. Head on over to his blog and leave a comment.


  1. Oh wow I'm speechless :) This is the first time someone writes an article about me. It's really appreciated!

    Is your project online? Are you still working on it?

    My biggest problem is that I have too many activities competing for my attention and I can't seem to find enough time to dedicate to the BankAlt project. I do have a definite direction in mind and that's where I'm heading but it might still take some time to get there.

    Thanks again for the article! I've got you linked from my blog.

  2. My project is PoSh script. So, to run it, you need to have Powershell and a few snap-ins to get it to work. It's very basic doing what your website boasts already.


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