Fun Night, Death Knight

Last night, I got into a pugged Grim Batol. The best kind of pug where someone explains things, doesn't get mad when you die; everyone learns, everyone wins. It was super sweet! I have to give thanks the tank, TheDrip on Dethecus (first Tank I've seen with 215k health!). This was a nice way to see the dungeon considering there was NO WAY I was pulling aggro accidentally off him. It was also a very odd group, with TheDrip, 2 warriors, a rogue, druid healer and myself. No ranged dps but myself. Not until after a wipe or two on Erudax when the rogue dc'd, and we rolled a mage. Just the extra DPS we needed.

As my first full clear of the dungeon, there was a number of new fights here. Here are my basic notes:
  • Throngus -  stand back for most of his fight. Has a nasty 'sky is falling' aoe. Stand underneath when he equips shield (which shoots flames!)
  • Dharga - caster that shoots shadow bolts, but also jumps on dragon rather quickly. Breaths fire cone, RUN! Causes fire on ground, that spawn adds - kill fast. 
  • Erudax - stand apart to avoid drain life buff, stand together when casting shadow gale. TheDrip put a raid icon on his head and the first few times, we just ran towards him. Nice easy way to find the little eddy in Erudax's gale. After gale, DPS the two adds down quickly. Their casting heals boss. No damage to eggs = achievement. Looks like slow downs work, so if you've specc'd into CoExhaustion, give it a spin.
I didn't get any drops that were any upgrades. Mail and plate are great, but only in the mailbox or on the table. :D I did get enough justice badges to get a new belt. Elk is ready for the Prom now in a sparkly cummerbund (with a belt buckle!?).

Even better, I picked up a dungeon achievement yesterday by accident. My fear dropped off the Malignant Trogg as Umbriss was down to his last 50k health. This caused him to run over and buff Umbriss. A few incinerates later (and whatever those warriors do) and he was dead.


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