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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catching up on the news!

Reading Blood Pact, I see they are more than open on posting blog posts on
Cataclysm Beta Warlock talents. Someone not read the NDA?

Looking at the revised talent tree, I am  happy to see that I do not need to take Improved Fear, or Curse of Exhaustion in order to reach Haunt at 31 points.In a build sheet from about 2 weeks ago, you did. Didn't think these fit into the "no wasted points" philosophy.

Anyway, a cool affliction talent  I am looking forward to testing is Soul Swap. One of my biggest complaints about leveling as an affliction lock is the slow ramp time of our dots. Tons of mana spent, and it takes 3x longer to kill beasts as they run at us. The talent will require 15 points in the affliction tree, so easily obtainable by any level 80 warlock who is running affliction.
lvl 80 cata afflock build (31/0/5)

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  1. NDA is long over. That was during the Friends and Family. Soul Swap does look AWESOME.


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