It's the little things, that make it grrrreeeaatt!

I spent more time in the Cata beta the other night. Logged on too late for the raid. Earlier this week, Blizzard pushed out another patch and it appears to have added a nice bit of content.

Found that they fixed the trainer bug, so I was able to train into my entry level warlock spells. Soul Burn, Soul Harvest and two others. Playing around with SoulBurn, I realize I don't know enough about what spells this buff. SB + Summon Pet = instant pet (fka fel domination) was what I ended up playing most with.
Hey, let's get out bluey to tank this guy, hey, let's grab my felpuppy. I do love that Soul Harvest also heals. It's like a mini-meal, food and soul-shards in a single spell.

Outside that, I was oohing and ahhing some of the UI changes I've spotted recently. Quest items are highlighted in my bags. They have a yellow halo around them. Makes them super easy to spot. Makes it great when going to vendor my grey items, that I don't accidentally sell those items. In addition, items that spawn a quest (beta is handing out free battered hilts!!?! unfortunately, like death, you can't take it (to production) with you.) You view the item in your bags, and it has a ! on it! Nice! Oh, did I pickup a quest too?

I won't spoil them, but the load screens are great. First time I hearthed into Dalaran and saw the new load picture, I went "Oh Cool!". Let's check out the page for TB!... The goblins and worgens are now represented on the old-world screens. Sadly, doesn't look like any warlocks, still.. :-|

not a wow screenshot
Swimming through Vashjir, I started feeling like Nemo. Tons of sea life, color everywhere and lots of places to explore. The under-water mechanic is interesting. Instead of straight running across the sea bottom, my toon looks like he's bouncing across the moon. Big strides, lots of area covered. It's almost odd to swim. Which unfortunately still can't take advantage of my old glyph of underwater breathing. Still need to replace that.

Dungeons. I had fully intended of spicing up my leveling via the RDF. Logon, queue in RDF, then work on first quest objective. Repeat until reaching 85. Well, minor quirk. Ok, not really big deal, FOS does it. You have to "find" the entrance, before you can queue for the dungeon. From experience, the entrance to the Throne of the Tides, is exactly, logically where you'd expect it. Be brave little one. Once inside, I was in aww of all the colors. I think you'll find this one to be a 'pretty' instance, like I've heard a lot about HOL.

A sample of the awesomeness

I dinged 81 last night before logging off. Now I have the green fire spell. Time to see about spicing up my rotation!! I'll let you know how it works out.


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