Beta Warlock Destruction Rotation

an underwater mount!
I went out questing again last night in Vash'jir, the new Cataclysm water-zone. They had reset all my quest heads, so I was able to complete a previously bugged quest. This time, I was carried away by a naga into the depths. "You'll make a nice specimen...". Without spoiling anything, you need to make sure you make it through these opening quests. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are upgrades, and you get a cool mount. (If you or your kids watch Phineas and Ferb, you'll have an idea what this mount is.) This opens up a new quest hub that you work in.

As I quested, I played around with my Destro spell rotation, until I came up with this:

  1. Bane of Havoc - instant cast
  2. Curse of Elements - instant cast
  3. Corruption - instant cast
  4. Immolate
  5. Fel Flame - Instant cast and buffs damage on Immolate, works as great filler before Conflag can be used. Very little damage done.
  6. Conflagerate
  7. Incinerate
This is a fairly quick spell rotation. Usually by the time I reach the Inc, they are within 10% of death. Seldom do I need a second INC.

  • Shadowflame - instant cast - nice CC with fear aspect. This would create a great fail safe when I aggro'd too many mobs. I could dot, then shadowflame, and get back to my primary target. Unfortunately they are harder to kill as they are same or higher level than me.
  • Chaos Bolt - not currently in my rotation, but available.
  • Shadow Bolt (mouse button 4) - only when instant cast with Nightfall proc. I was surprised with the current number of nightfall proc's. Sometimes, I would simply target a mob and nightfall would trigger.
This build (0/4/32) and rotation was a bit fragile. I died 2-3 times in one area, where I kept aggroing multiple mobs. I recently put the 2 points into Soul Leech for the replenishment factor after dinging 82 last night. I currently have 2 points in Improved Soul Flame (0/4/34), which I plan to spec out of. The 5sec cast time on that spell is not ideal for questing. I am considering either put them into Dark Arts or Empowered Imp. eImp buffs SoulFire, so maybe not that.


  1. I wonder if we will be switching to Aff for it's self healing effect for leveling in Cata.


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