Arena Update August 2010

Felruk and I have 20 more arena battles under our belts and things are changing, slowly. Unfortunately we are still only wining 30% of our fights. The fights we win are typically the battles where they attack him first.

This week was devastating. Typical fight is about 2 minutes long. We had 2 or three fights this week, where I died within the first 10 seconds. Yes, I am a clothy and I have less than 30,000 health, but when the melee dps doesn't focus on me, I can outlast Felruk.

incoming chaos bolt
  •  Felruk and myself have improved our communication. We still aren't coordinating our efforts to take out specific combatants, but better. Hmm, raid icons? I'll ask him to mark them next week.
  • Destruction is working nicely, in that it provides me a few escape mechanisms. In addition, I was able to do a nice killing shot using Chaos bolt. wwhhiiizzzz, drop! Sadly my Fears take longer to cast.
  • Both of us picked up a new piece of equipment, he still hasn't enchanted any of them yet though.
  • I felt like I was constantly stumbling over the keyboard this week. Either it's my lack of practice this last week or still haven't fine-tuned my play style. Ok yeah, Cata-beta is impacting my Wrath play time. I still haven't even laid a lock portal down for an escape yet. Probably not a bad idea?
  • More DOTS! I need to cast dots on everyone! Darn it. Too many attackers are getting a free ride when I don't cast at least one dot. The healers need to work at dispelling my madness. Corrupt them, curse them, give'em pain. 
  • Hmm, wondering if the felpuppy is ideal for a destruction pvp build. He's got that great spell removal, but darn, low dps. Saucy Succy for the seduce? Dancy the Imp for the dps?
 10 Arena fights is about 30 minutes on a Monday night. I'll try some of these new ideas, succy + spam dots and see if we last a bit longer.

Any other ideas? I have 2 buttons on my mouse that I am not using..


  1. Holy crap on a stick. What spell is THAT?

    Reminds me of the Dragon Armanent from Custom Robo.

  2. That's chaos bolt from the receiving end.


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