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RestoDude asked how I, a Warlock, would help my healer. It's not until I played my Priest alt, that I realized just how intensive some fights can be on healers. Even when I am not directly being attacked or standing in the fire, I am still taking a bit of splash damage, heck, Life Tap is glyphed, so always on my spell rotation. They may have the niftier tools for healing, but still have to juggle their own cooldowns, and spell cycles.

Ok, as we all know warlocks are not that versatile of a class. We have the DPS build (lots of dots), and that other, um DPS (tanking) build and one more DPS (pyromaniac) build. Healing isn't on that list. We're actually quite flagrant with the usage of health, stealing another's then using it to create our own home-brewed mana. Tasty! Does this personal addiction to organic mana help our healers? Heck no. I've had 5-man healers get mad at me for tapping (and some "enablers" that say go for it, but they're probably also 'locks at heart).

How do I help my healer? From my warlock bag-o'-tricks, I have 4 basics.

The 'lock candy bowl is typically the most popular of them all. This raid sized bowl of health stones provides anywhere from 4100 - 5000 health in a single pop. Sure a tank with over 70k health isn't going to get much of a jolt out of one, but a clothy, like myself with 25-30k can get a substantial (20%) hit. Yeeess! And I DO share.

 Secondly, my posey picking penchant has provided me with a peculiar proficiency. I've found that this spell is almost perfectly balanced with a almost two taps. Tap after a fight, I'll kick of this and be replenished and off CD before the next pull.

Health-splosion! If all else fails, I have a macro that I can spam that fires off all my healing tricks. This uses my Battlemasters trinket, uses healthstone, potions, bandages, and lifeblood. I am considering adding a /yell bit to the macro.. "/yell Elk is going down!"

Finally, there's a bit of soul jewelry. Providing my healer with his/her soul encased in a shiny purple globe, is my greatest gift. By providing my healer with a second-chance, they can keep healing after a death. Combine this with candy, they can get roughly 50% health back instantly.

Now, those are great for healing myself, but that's only one aspects to health. Not getting hurt is equally important. To avoid damage, I have a different set of tricks. These do not rely on specific talents, but gold and training.

"If it doesn't look sparkly and pretty, don't stand in it." I read this rule of thumb on another blog. Basically if it looks bad for you, it is. Rings of death are my excuse for...

Run faster, jump higher! On my boots, I have placed the PVP-ish enchant that grants a speed increase. My thought process being if I can get move out of _____ faster, I can start casting again sooner. Stam means more health, so in turn, more to tap! All win!

Location, location, location! I don't mean glowing, smoking, gassy green rings on the floor. I mean in relation to the boss, where you stand. Don't stand in front of this boss, or behind this one, stand inside the "hit box" or near a pillar for this guy. This can only be learned through exposure, maybe a few well crafted blog posts or a video of the fight. I find that you're best learning is through doing.

See, I CAN HEALZ! There have been a number VOA runs, where I've been #1 or 2 on recount for healing done. Healing myself and avoiding damage are the best ways to help my healers. Providing candy for the entire raid, can often keep the raid for wiping, especially when the fighting get's going, (I can't help it if you don't remember it's there). Lastly, being conscious of my surroundings and getting out of harms way quickly when I miss something. All help my healer keep me alive.


  1. Nice post!

    I'm going to agree with you and bring it all back to basics:

    Stand in a convenient spot to receive heals

    Yes, if you're melee you shouldn't stand in front of mobs (they hurt). But ranged DPS can be just as guilty of standing in inconvenient places.

    If your tank jumps down from a ledge and engages in combat, don't stand on the cliff and DPS at range. If you pull agro everyone is going to hate you. If your healer jumps down you might be in a bad place. If nothing else, you are forcing them to make a bad call.

    Tanks need to be careful not to LoS healers and this goes for DPS.

    If you've got a Shaman healer you should try and stand near the melee when possible, or at the very least, right near your healer. Druids at high levels get an AoE heal that similarly requires targets to be close together.

    Oh yeah - eat when you sit down to drink!

  2. Thanks Cassandri, Ah yes, LOS the healer.. Excellent point.

    For the last dozen RDF runs on my priest, I have had the luck of Scarlet Monastery, Grave Yard (place where headless horsemen descends). There are a couple LOS issues in that place and we've wiped. First major room has a mini boss. Well equiped tank can run around the entire room, aggro everything, and pound it down. (At least they think so). Unfortunately, they stop in one of two places (front by entrance, or around back by exit). As a newb healer, I can't typically keep up in this fight, unless I know exactly how they are pulling the room. Shield tank, drop HOT, and mass heal room. then start major heal when shield is about to drop. LOS when the shield is about to drop and your running from the graveyard.


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