So THATS where the Golden Lotus Start...

After reaching 90, I have begrudgingly started doing my dailies. Primarily at this moment with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. I think riding around one of those dragons would be cool (hopefully I don't get motion sickness). The quests are a wee bit tough in my warlock gear, but it is getting easier, slowly. Demo for the AOE and dozen pets or destro for the quick kill? So far, living a bit better destro, but it may be my Soul Leech healing that is keeping me alive.

To my frustration, I picked up the breadcrumb quest for the Golden Lotus faction, only to find that it's a dead-end. Yep, go to the shiny pagoda and nobody has anything for me to do..  What to do?? Wowhead, thanks.. It appears, that I need to finish my White Tiger quests. These are pre-reqs for the Golden Lotus...
To begin questing with Golden Lotus, you'll need to prove yourself to the Pandaren at the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit. You'll be able to fly into Vale of Eternal Blossomsotherwise, but many areas will be phased. The gates to the Vale have not been open in many years, so you will have to defeat three trials, the last one being a shadowy version of a faction leader.
I had gotten to 90 JUST as I was entering the temple of the White Tiger and went over to do dailies... Guess I better go back and fight myself a few times..

In other news, have you looked tailoring for upgrades? My tailor, a level 88 priest, is looking to make me a set of PVP robes in order to replace my quest reward blues. She just needs 2 more Mote of Harmony to create a Spirit of Harmony to buy the recipe. Once she has that. the set is only 5 bolt of WindWool. Easy, peasy. I can get a bolt on the AH for about 10-20g; 100g (or 4 quests) for the piece.. Not bad for something that I can later enchant for PVP resilience later on.. :)


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