Dungeons vs Questing

On my healer, I queued for a dungeon before accepting the first quest from Garrosh. I ran the random dungeon and completed the 2 quests that are inside the Jade Serpent dungeon. 30 minutes healing a normal dungeon at 85 and I received 1.4 million XP or 47k XP per minute.

On my warlock, I have been simply questing. Since dinging 86, I have quested for 3 hours 23 minutes (aka 203 minutes) and received 5.7 million XP or 28k XP per minute.

The level appropriate dungeons are not difficult when wearing LFR and Heroic dungeon gear for either class. At only one time did my healer have near-OOM issues. Warning, stick with the tank. There is at least one boss in each instance that blocks the entrance and can separate the team. Brewery it's the first (i.e. donkey kong) boss, Jade Serpent it's the last boss.

Yes, healing queues times are quite a bit faster. It typically takes 10-15 minutes to drop into a healing dungeon, vs the 30-45 minutes to get a dps spot. I'll probably keep running dungeons as a healer, but queue up for DPS whenever I plan to play for more than an hour. The 10 quest jump (one dungeon at 1.4M xp) by running a single random makes for much faster leveling.


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