3 Weeks of Pandas. What do you think?

Here we are, end of the 3rd week with our fuzzy little panda-land expansion. If you are like me, you've got a least 2 battle pet teams, explored all 4 (85-89) dungeons and started your own little four plot farm.

Halfhill Market
The other night, I dinged 89 after completing the quest line in Valley of the Four Winds. Some of this reminds me of Ulduar with multiple cut scenes. Fun! 

If you haven't started the WoW edition of Farmville, I highly suggest you do. The pay-off for cooking will come in extremely handy. I mean, look at these raid recipes. Great Banquet of the Pot needs 100 carrots. That's a lot of kills, or about (a day and) 15 minutes on a level 90 farm. Before you reach 90, you can only have a 4 plot 'trainer' farm. (I haven't seen the larger farm yet).

Dungeons are fun, don't wait until 90. They play directly into the lore, so you won't be ruining the story for later on, I promise. There are 2 available at 85 and 2 more come available at 87. As of today, I have completed 10 runs. Since the DPS queue has been about 30-45 minutes, I typically only get one dungeon in a night. Some notes:
  • Stick closely with your tank, there are doors. If he engages, and you're outside... 
  • Watch for the vehicle. First boss in the brewery (aka Donkey Kong) throws barrels and you can hop on top and wheel them back at him. (for 50,000 damage). Adds on second boss drop mallets, use button that shows up in vehicle area. Last 2 weeks, the hird boss has had 2 flavors. One is bubbles to float in during rage phase.
  • There are 2 quests in each dungeon that provide level appropriate rewards. If you wait til 90, the 410 quest rewards will be irrelevant. (again, don't wait!). Get the additional benefit ASAP. 
Shrine of Two Moons
Have you seen the Horde version of Dalaran in Pandaria? Yeah, it has vendors, a flight path, and, yes, portals to every Capitol (including Dalaran and Shattrath) . My level 90 druid guildie, in AWESOME flight-mount form, flew me over there from Jade Forest. It was there that I spotted my first Blingtron 4000. A Jeeves style robot that hands out goodies, like the ethereal gem allotment in Wrath. Now to find me an engineer friend... :) 

Speaking of Shattrath, have you seen the recipe for Imperial Silk. It's a trainable level 550 tailoring pattern that allows you to craft 1 imperial silk a day. Trick (i.e. reference to Shat) is that you need to be standing in the Silken Fields (63,58). This reminds me so much of the need to fly to an alchemy table in order to make certain raid flasks. 

Finally, why hasn't Coren Direbrew changed? My last item last night after hitting 89 was to queue for Coren. He drops iLevel 470 gear! But, it's still a tank and spank fight. Bah humbug. Panderians, the ultimate brewmaster can't intervene and fight along side us? Just remember to open your bags and drink the beer when the add throws them at you.. Nothing worse that that tank wearing a barrel and letting us all die.. 


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