It's Hozenageddon!

Remember the one Cata quest that everyone thought should be a daily? Gnomebliteration? Sure you do.. The giant fire ball that rolls around and you simply roll over the fel infected gnomes..

Go, Kota Kon, Go!
Well, I found the MoP version, and it's a daily too! I was in Kun-Lai Summit last night leveling my Disc Priest, when I found one of those optional quest ! markers pop up. It starts with a poop quest. Ends with grinding the poop up into a 'kafa' drink (secretly I don't think Blizzard likes coffee). You give it to the abominable snow monster, 'kota kon'. Kota kon is now under your control and you go and smash, charge and eat evil Hozen along the Burlap trail.

Sure it's not a giant ball of fire and the Hozen don't scream in agony as you eat them (at least not what I heard with my volume settings), but still a nice daily and provides XP or gold. 


  1. Hey Elk,

    I agree with you on this one. Maybe if the Hozen yelled at you and called you an "Ookin Dooker" as they dropped? Easy fix with a satisfying result :P


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