IT: Guild Recipe Exchange

Elk has been patiently stationed out in Shattrath for the last two weeks. Each day, he works with Rokk to provide the Lower City denizens a bit of food prepared to order. Elk's primary goal is a bit of accidental luck, the recipe for Stormchops. (Why a recipe would be left in a barrel of meat is beyond me??)

This got me thinking. Guildies have the recipe. I have a few recipes they don't have. How about we meet in town somewhere and trade recipes? Sit next to guild member with recipe, open guild-professions interface, click new button "Learn". Probably have to give something in return, so that it's not a 'free' exchange, but it's guild sharing. (Note: It reminds me of what I envisioned Inscription could be, before it was introduced in Wrath. Inscribe documents from other sources to create tomes of important knowledge. Translate documents from other languages (NE -> BE?) so that they could be used by opposing forces.)

It would sure make some achievements easier. Hmmm...


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