A Bit of Blizzard History

Right before Cataclysm, Blizzard did a server refresh. Yank out that old computer hardware on domains doing sub-optimal and toss it. Businesses do this all the time. My office, we replace the old hardware probably every two to three years. These old pieces of equipment are either recycled (like into website servers) or returned to the vendor to lease to smaller companies.

Blizzard has donated the hardware to St Jude's Children's Hospital, so that they can auction it off as a fund raiser. On their eBay store, you can place bids (starting $100) on a domain server. IMHO, could be really cool mounted on the back wall of my cubical, but.. well.. their $100 starting bid and $300 shipping kills it for me. (plus I haven't found Malfurion yet).

Is it usable? Maybe? If you have a blade cabinet that is capable of housing this type of server (looks like HP or Compaq). It has memory installed, but (looks like) the CPUs removed.

Bidding ends tomorrow (noon 10-24-2011). Go check it out..


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