PVP Tidbit - Where's my Season Honor score?

I know this may seem obvious to the seasoned PVP vet, but I have only recently gotten back into PVP. Loving demo in the battlegrounds, but lately the horde hasn't been on a winning streak anything. Maybe 1 lucky run in 10; making for frustratingly slow Honor point accumulation.

So, I was wanting to grab a shiny Season 9 weapon, namly replace my 346 wand or PVE weapon with something new and fresh (Vicious Gladiator Spellblade?). Unfortunately, such shinies come with a hidden price tag.

"Requires earning a total of 7250 Honor Points for the season."

I hadn't been keeping track. No achievement tracked it. Not on the PVP interface. There must be a place to find this value. Finally, the other day I was fumbling around at the vendor, when I came up with the popup. Floating over the icon on the corner, I see that ...

Ugh, 2100 more points to go. Well, if I don't buy anything else, at least I'll have the points to buy the weapon when I meet the pre-req.


  1. I recently started PvP myself, but I've been a bit luckier with the Hordes winning streaks. So gearing hasn't been too bad for me, almost decked out in vicious after 3 weeks of doing bgs.

    But I was really surprised to see how fast you can get decent PvP gear today. Thought it was gonna take me forever to not get completely annihilated all the time.

  2. If you really want to level up nicely, get yourself an arena team going. At an arena rating of 900, we are getting 180 conquest points with each win. My priest alt just picked up a piece of Ruthless gear on Monday, and should have her second piece after the next round. We've been attempting to max out our arena points each week (if possible) until we get a run of losing to the same opponents.

  3. Just so you know you can see your honor accrued over a season on the currency tab, this will save you visiting a vendor.

  4. Bah! that would be too easy! I am guessing that if I mouse over the currency icon, it will show it?! See that's why I post up here. Someone's always got an easier way.

  5. I found that my all-in-one bag addon is the fault. Every place that honor point counts are displayed (except TBag) you can see a Season total. The top of the main PVP windows (H), the Currency tab, the vendor window, etc..


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