Addon Review:Reforgerade

Of the two red Xs, one has an invalid reforge
(hit to stam) on it.
I was testing to see if it would
remove them as well.
(Elk pats imp, "Slow down Volham, we haven't even written the post yet".  Revert to Draft)

We are both a little excited about a 'new' addon, Reforgerade. This simple little addon takes reforge priorities and presents them in a nice little interface when you visit that reforge guy.

"Reforge Priorities??" you ask. "Where do I get those?"
I don't know, go AskMrRobot?  :)
Click the EXPORT button, then the Export Reforges button. I know, go figure. Copy the contents.

When you visit Enchanter Faradine, the Reforgerade window will popup, paste the AskMrRobot content and hit the Reforge button. Now you don't have to think to blindly follow our robot overlords.

Love ya Mr Robot (and legowxelab2z8 the addon PM)


  1. the Curse client show is as a rogue addong (categories: Rogue). THis seems a bit more useful than just for rogues.

  2. Totally agree. Need to ping the PM and see if he can re-categorize it.


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