Solo Hyjal??

Very serious about grabbing that helm from Hyjal, so I can get the wings! No tank, boss fights can be tough, but we do have Bluey and/or the Felguard. The head piece drops off the final boss, so we have a bunch of killing to do.

From the video, it looks like this is the lock, Firedemon, is fairly well geared, running 130k health. Can't tell from the armory page when he picked up the latest tier pieces, July? Maybe I have a chance.. If you like this video, I suggest you subscribe, I see recent drops from Malygos in the Eye on his recent activity page.


  1. I tip my hat to Firedemon, well done! Would've never imagined a warlock being able to solo Mount Hyjal.

    Might just try this out myself.


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