Problems with Personalized Domains

Back when I started this blog, it was the standard domain, It was simple, you could find it easy enough. Then GoDaddy came along, whoo'ing me with cheap domain names ($1 for a .INFO domain, why not!! Heck of a lot cheaper than some silly .COM site) and Scott Sigler with his podcasts, gave codes for discounts. I was sold.

Take one part GoDaddy, combine with ZoneEdit (for free DNS hosting), add one free blogspot web site and you are golden. $1/year and you're a blogger..

A long comes the issues. See, I've been using ZoneEdit for years. (going on 8 years IIRC). Along the way, I've used up my 5 free DNS zones. Sites have come and gone, now is #6. Sites 6 and on, cost, $1/month. August 18th, was the end of my year.

So, behind the scenes, this blog faced a minor financial snafu. Gotta pay the bills in order to keep the lights on. Unfortunately the bill arrived in the email the day it was due, and I missed it. We're up for another year, or until September when the domain expires (again). This time, I might even invest in the 2 year renewal..


  1. Ah. That would explain my difficulty in leaving a comment the other day. I tried from several locations and thought that the universe was conspiring against me. Unfortunately, I forgot what I was going to say now. Something exceedingly more clever than "thanks for the link" i'm sure. Oh well... :-)

  2. :) No problem. Us warlocks gotta stick together.. Just keep your space. We're like the noble gases.


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