Darkmoon Un-Faire

Last night, I found a deal on the auction house; the last card of the Volcano deck. With this, I ran over to my bank, picked up the other 7 cards on hold and assembled the deck. Yeah! I have a completed deck, just need to turn it in at the next Darkmoon faire for the official Card.

Soon the realization kicked in. The Darkmoon faire just left town. Next stop, Stormwind in September... Not that bad of a deal, considering nowadays I can simply land on top of the vendor, turn in the card and fly off. No need to run across the continent to get myself tagged 'PVP' and have to deal with potential corpse runs.

Next month, I'll finally be able to replace that i346 trinket with a i359 epic! Looking at Wowhead, it looks like Brewfest will drop some nice new i365 pieces this year. Maybe if I don't have Firelands opened up by then, I'll try for the new Mithril Pocketwatch.


  1. The Volcano card is easily still one of the best warlock trinkets out there, only surpassed by heroic Firelands gear.

    So you should stick with this baby for a while, it'll do you good

  2. I hope so. I spent the gold to avoid doing the TB dailies to finish off the Exalted rep. Unfortunately AskMrRobot lists the Stump of Time as the #2 trinket.


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