The End is Nigh!!

I just found out. It has been fun, but I have been informed that my time is short. I have maybe one more, before it all ends. Unfortunately, I am not sure I even care...

See, Blizzard, just informed me that my subscription is set to expire with the next edition of the magazine. Each volume of the magazine comes in a nice, 'table-top' quality magazine. The stories range from insider information (Meet the Devs articles were my favorites), upcoming gear and zone changes information, and fluff pieces (blizzcon costumes, craft ideas, etc.).

With Volume 3, that I got last month, they had a few interesting articles. Did you know that they are bringing out a new expansion? It's called "Cataclysm"! They even spent a good portion on the lore of each of the new races. (in case you don't know, they're the worgen and goblin, woohoo) In addition, there were a few strategy guides for the 4.0.3 dungeons, reposted articles off their own "official' forums and then a good portion on Blizzcon. Really! This is the OFFICIAL magazine!

Could I suggest the magazine? Sure, the first 30 pages of the magazine is always an interview with a various team at Blizzard. Something that you don't get to see without going to So. Cal and chatting with them at Blizzcon. Unfortunately, the last 2 issues of the magazine that I received, that's about all I read. The rest, well, was stuff I saw via other means, and without the $10/issue cover price.

Will I renew? Probably not.


  1. I'm rather glad I did not invest in the magazine then. The artwork that's inside would be nice I suppose, but with them only putting out 4 issues a year, it sounds like they need to better anticipate when that issue will be released and save content previews specifically for that.


  2. Are they seriously that far behind? That's kinda sad...

  3. I was sadly disappointed. I had hoped for more PTR info and less live rehash. As an active blogger, it was nothing that we didn't already post.

    I've added a few links into the article from the latest volume of the magazine. Or you can go to and see the featured articles directly.


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