I haz Petting Zoo

With the start of Children's week, comes the start of a series of Take your Orphan to work quests. Those quests that have you drag an orphan around to 5 different points of interest, usually on highly different parts of the map. Happily, with the completion of each quest chain, you are able to pickup a new pet for each one (now even Dalaran). Blizzard has also blessed us with 2 new pets (Scooter and Legs) for the Orgrimmar and Shatrath versions.

With these last three pets (Scooter, Egbert for the achievement, and Wolvar pup), it pushed Elk to the 100 pet limit. Here's some screenies of these last 5 pets. Note, the wolvar pup comes in your mail after you finish the quests. Not picked up when you turn in the last quest.
Winterspring Cub


Curious Wolvar Pup

A quick note about doing these Children's week quests. Set your Hearth to Shattrath and/or Dalaran when you start. This should save quite a bit of flying around to get you back to the turn in. I did for for the Shatt quests, but not the Dalaran. This meant flying through Wintergrasp twice in order to get to/from Scholarze Basin. Guild perk for 15 minute hearth, it would was reset by the time I finished the first 3 quests of the chain. With the portal's in these two cities back to Orgrimmar, it was a simple trip back to my new/old home. (& don't forget to re-home it when you're done!).

For pet 101 a pet for a worthy cause.


  1. Congrats. I pushed my main character to 152 this morning when I bought the new Japanese relief Cenerian Hatchling (and I thought I already own one...). Here's to the next achievement.

  2. Also on that. I didn't have that much issue with my new characters. You just have to remember to do BOTH Stormwind/Org and Shatt quest at the same time. As Alliance, here's my path:

    SW->Westfall->SW Port to->Blastedland->Shatt->(all of the Outland)->Shatt->SW->IF->Wetland->Theramore Island->Cavern of Time->Hearth to SW->Darnasus->Exodar (this finished Outland Orphan) Port to->Blastedland->Shatt port to->SW-> Finishes SW Orphan.

    For Northrend, Take boat to Northrend and work your way there. No need to come back to SW until that's done.

  3. @BigFire, looking at the Ask the Devs, looks like there might be another pet for your 150?


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