Elkagorasa the Casual: Flipping the Winterspring Cub

Monday, May 2, 2011

Flipping the Winterspring Cub

I was reading on sites like Cold's Gold, about a new companion pet introduced in patch 4.1. This site is for sale from a vendor in Everlook for 50g. So, I sent my death knight alt (yeah got one of those too) since he has the flight paths everywhere and hasn't left Orgrimmar since talking to Thrall. With his 120g, I picked up 2 of these wonderful cats.

Shipped one off to both Elk and my Disc priest, Eride. Checking AH, she posted hers for a measly Buyout price of 94g. It sold for the BID price of 75g. Nothing like the 400-7000g that people were bragging about.

Ah well, maybe make tips selling transporting them for guildies.

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