Cataclysm New Glyphs, Goodbye Path of Titans

Over at, they mentioned that Blizzard has scrapped the Path of Titans progression and has focused it's energies onto expanding Inscription and the glyph system. New "Medium" level glyphs will join the Major and Minor glyphs that will provide alterations to game play. In addition, they mention that glyphs will be trainable, so you only need to purchase the glyph once. For non-inscriptionist, buy your glyphs EARLY to avoid having to compete on the AH, or at least find and provide (mats) to your guildie..

From comments: Female Demo Demon form
Thinking about this, these 'fun' glyphs might be a great way to get some of the 'fun' changes us locks have been wanting for Soul burn, but probably won't see. Sure, green fire, yadda yadda (not going to happen IMHO), but that's not a 'fun' mechanic, it's cosmetic. Fun!? How about instead of Glyph of Unending Breath as a minor, it pops to a medium glyph and adds water walking? How about a lock teleporter that will transform you into one of your pets for a short time? How about a glyph that would make healthstones also cure poisons or pull from your professions, like a crazy alchemist healthstone (bye bye mana table!)?

So, what Medium glyphs would you like to see?


  1. A glyph to let Metamorphosis use the model for a Shivarra (like Mistress of Pain - 6 arms, big hat). While I'm not a lady 'lock myself, I feel a bit sorry for our fairer fel colleagues having to turn into something as butch as Illidan.

  2. That could be very fun. Hopefully this Shivarra model would have it's own specific spells different than the Illidan model.


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