Ruby Sanctum coming June 15th

Not sure if it's a secret, but it appears that the 3.3.5 patch will be dropping on us June 15th. How do I know you ask? Well, I thought I'd sign up for the Beta and while on the page, I saw the new terms of service page.. :) Those new terms take into affect June 15th.

Have you ever read the terms completely?

Did you know that:

1) No add-ons
[Blizzard forbids] use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the Service, any Game or any Game experience;

2) No cyborgs
You may establish an Account only if you are a "natural person"
 3) No blogs
You agree that you will not create any work based on the Games or the Service

4) No Wowhead/Curse Addon client
use any third-party software to collect information from or through a Game client or the Service, including without limitation information about your character
 5) In game advertising sponsored by Blizzard
[Blizzard may use technology that] enables in-game advertising, and the display of other similar in-game objects.


  1. just an fyi, Blizzard mentioned that they will not be making Ruby Sanctum avalible when 3.3.5 drops since they dont want EU to bitch because the US will be getting the raid first. It could be the next day or it could be a week afterwards.

    I do agree with your theory though that 3.3.5 will drop near or around that date. I'm just hoping some time this month really.

    <3 Fuu

  2. Yeah, I saw that yesterday, but it does appear that it will be about a week later. I believe they're trying to hold off to my birthday on the 22nd!

    This is in regards to the message below which went out early Tuesday. We are following up now to clarify that North American realms will not get access to Ruby Sanctum roughly a week before Europe, Korea and Taiwan. (source #10)


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