Random Daily Burnout

Looking through sites like LootRank and GearWishlist, I have come to the realization that I don't need frost badges any more. There just isn't anything that I can purchase as an upgrade to what I already have. Sure, raiding ICC has upgrades, but that's a group thing. I have plans tonight to join the guild 10-man ICC raid. Hopefully I win the trinket off Gunship. It's dropped twice (in the last 5 ICC runs), once when my Internet was down (until after the raid started) and the second time I lost the roll..

Here's to hoping that the new Arena gear drops soon, and I can spend some of my frost badges on the Wrathful Warlock set.

Well, back to questing in Zul'Drak. Still trying to finish each of these Wrath zone quests. (17 in Storm Peaks, 46 in ZD).


  1. Hi,

    I'd just like to give you props for a good blog. Too often, blogs derail into some sort of personal crap(unfortunately, I've mostly seen girls do this). You keep the blog true to WoW and Warlock and I give you respect for that.

    As a new warlock(aff), I'd certainly would enjoy quite a few in-depth PvP/Arena guides if you have any. Talk about things in ways most people don't as I've read a lot of general guies which are basically written to people who are either A) totally clueless or B) pretty dumb.

    Keep it up! Also, do you know any other good, serious warlock blogs or even podcasts that you can write about? I've looked a long while and this is one of the few I've found.

  2. Thanks David! I got too many other outlets to pollute this blog with anything else. Facebook for the notes about my kids, and my named blog for my work related stuff, hate ads (so none of those) and I'll keep adding blogger gadgets as I find ones I like. Categories was an attempt to help pinpoint posts. Would also like to show you my most read posts, but still haven't found a blogger-gadget I like.

    For PVP related posts, I like reading through Cynwise's blog (sidebar>>).

    I like MC for her review of add-ons and configuration. I run Nib's PAWN settings currently. If you want to listen to her, she also does a ~2hr podcast on TNB. Half interview, half Warcraft news.

    FelFire for AH stuff. Aphroditi also has a few great compendium's of info posted. (http://felfire.com/guide/ui/addons-media-and-macros/) that includes a useful macros.


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