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Welcome to our Tour of Azeroth: Lost series.

As part of this mini-series, I, Elkagorasa, will take you on a short visit of a couple of sites that resemble or come directly from the TV show Lost.

First stop, The Statue. The Statue can be found at the end of the land mass in Azshara.

 Azeroth's version is a bit different as both feet are plainly visible, and it is destroyed at the thigh, not the shin. Since the flight that crashed into the original statue was not an aircraft, but a zeppelin, it did a lot less damage.

Speaking of zeppelins, lets all head back to Orgrimmar and fly on over to Northrend, hop on the zeppelin over to Borean Tundra.

Now head north into Sholazar Basin, off to one side of Bittertide Lake (map). There you shall find a hatch very similar to the one built by the Dharma Initiative, but one off. Probably what they get for using Goblin help to build the bunker??

Locke (blade vendor)

(Desmond) David Hume

You won't find Locke anywhere near the hatch, because he's setup a 'sharp blades' shop in Howling Fjord. As like in the show, he's undead. Won't see him turn into the smoke monster, but he's definitely not going to be dying again soon.

On the other hand, Desmond has departed from Dalaran. He was given a great job in as a glyph vendor, but he and several of the Lost cohorts have disappeared.

Thanks for coming along on this tour. Next time, check out the Star Trek themed tour of Netherstorm.


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