You got to know when to hold em... know when to fold'em..

The GamblerMonday night, I gambled and tried out a Heroic ICC-10 PUG run. Unfortunately, I learned that I am totally underqualified for Heroic modes. Well, at least according to the other 9 players. Gear-wise, I think I am right in there, but as for knowledge of the fights, I am, well, ok.

Basic strat for Marrowgar: Attack boss, avoid blue fire, avoid whirlwind, fight boss, all the time attack bone spikes asap. Unfrotunately, we wiped around 6 times. Then the 'truths' started coming in my direction.
  1. Not enough DPS  - I am moving around too much, well yeah, blue fire = bad! refreshing dots and life tap when up.

  2. Hitting the barbs too slowly or too late - I am affliction! Expect 1second per shadowbolt, or slow ticks of corruption. According to Recount, my favorite bone spike attack was Haunt.

  3. Healers out of mana before end of fight, can I go Destro? They "needed" someone spec'd into Regeneration. I guess they all can't be warlocks, but I never heard of this happening normally. Still not enough DPS?
When I dc'd while running in the last time, I didn't try that hard to get reconnected again. I felt bad leaving them in a lurch, but I had the feeling, next wipe, I was gone anyway.



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