Gnomeregan - Gnome-a-done!

Alright, so the run to Gnomeregan wasn't that bad. Dalaran -> Orgrimmar -> Stranglethorn -> Fly to Kargath -> ride through Loch Mordan -> tunnels to Dun Morogh. Total travel time ?? I queued for and completed my dungeon daily and pvp daily in the middle of the entire trip. (2 wins in PVP, most excellent - only serious achievement getters and die-hard pvpers).

Inside the dungeon, I followed Cassandri's walkthrough almost to a tee. I mistakenly followed her instructions to the exit before I killed the last boss, so I had to back track a bit. No problems, as at level 80 all the mobs are paper. I had to put my felpuppy into passive mode to avoid him killing the bosses with his death breath, before I could put a dot on them.

Best of all, I got the cool helm that drops off the end boss.  Now my "Around Town" outfit features a satelite dish helm!


  1. Congratulations! That's one sweet helm. Don't forget about the lightning bolts.


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