Destruction Silver Proving Grounds ... ALMOST?!

Trying my hand at video recording, I captured my latest run at doing the proving grounds. I am now regularly reaching fight 8:8. The 'ah-ha' moment was realizing that the Felhound and/or Observer have an interrupt.

Here is my 200dpi (yeah, it stinks badly) video of my last run, with notes for those who are still working at it. I'll record it again tonight (actually sort of excited about this) and hopefully work out all the bugs for that last fight.. As Grumpy Elf said, it's all about placement..


  1. Very nice placement, you are getting there.

    Here is some advice for round 8, being I have not done it on a lock, take it with a grain of salt.

    Place your personal transport behind the amber guy at 3 o'clock.
    You will stand in front of the healer, as you already are while working on it.
    As soon as both ambers cast, teleport.
    The one at 3 o'clock will turn back toward you but as you are behind him, it will hit him, the other one will hit the middle guy. No running.
    Finish the healer then the amber closest to you. The one across the room will keep hitting the middle guy.
    If the one close to you begins to cast another, step through him. He will not change direction while in mid cast, so it will go back onto himself again.
    Throw havoc on outside guy, kill middle guy, finish off outside guy.

    Hope that helps.

    Very good job working out where to stand. Like I said, there really is not as much movement as people try to make it out to seem. Just be in the right place and it is much easier.

    You will get it this weekend I am sure.

    1. Here's my current working plan:
      Portal at 12o'clock.

      1. Havoc one amber weaver.
      2. Fear Mystic (10 seconds of reprieve)
      3. Start DPS of opposite amber weaver
      4. When globules start coming towards me, portal to back, pulling both globules toward healer.
      5. Finish amber weaver 1, and soon after #2.
      6. Swap havoc to slayer.
      7. Focus fire on mystic, interrupting when it comes up.
      8. Finish off slayer.

      So far, I get to step 6 and run out of time. Mostly because I am still running away from the globules. Last run the portal was at 3, behind the weaver and the glob went right between the healer and slayer. (go figure) missing both and making me run until it timed out.

    2. Ok, I tried my placement and I see what you mean. By standing at 6 o'clock the 9oclock amber glob flows around the healer into my lap. I need to standing on the healer, center of clock. That way (as you said), the glob will flow right >> into the healer (center) and back onto the 3o'clock weaver.


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