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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oh, I Didn't Realize...

So, I always figured that it'd probably never happen. Malfurion is a medium population server. Orgrimmar never seemed empty. Always lots of people running around. 

Per WoWRealmStatus:
Trollbane is an east coast realm (50% alliance, 49% horde). Malfurion is central (54% Alliance, 45% Horde). 

Per WoWTrack:
#74 Trollbane 52% alliance, 48% horde 
#132 Malfurion is more off balance at 39% alliance, 61% horde.

So, what can I expect when the server comes back online? A bit of imbalance on the AH. That could be nice, as prices for items might decrease for a short time. 

Trollbane does have a bit of a bad rep with regards to 'trolling on the trollbane'. Is this going to continue? Malfurion had the Chuck Norris jokes, had the insult comics, but most of those left last expansion. Will this return?

Only time will tell..

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  1. Changes so far...
    1) Primal Diamond for about 200g less than before. Nice because I wanted to buy a new meta gem from Wrathion.
    2) A lot chattier population. Trade chat is being bombarded with guild announcements.
    3) Lots of dead. Running around TI used to mean avoiding a lot of mobs when you only wanted rare kills. Now someone is killing something everywere.


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