Darn you Yikkan Izu!

Ok, I am still stuck on Yikkan Izu. I've taken to waiting the 13 minutes for Crystal of Insanity to reset, so about only 2 attempts each night.

  1. Apply all self buffs. - Insanity, Dark Intent, Crit food
  2. Grab some arena pots if I don't have some, like Brawler's Cunning.
  3. Summon voidwalker (or void lord).
  4. Zone in, summon major demon, typically Doomguard, but going to try Infernal for the AOE.
  5. Cast typically boss rotation, CoE, Immolate, Conflagerate, Incinerate... 
  6. Watch for Shriek, try to interrupt with Fear, Shadowfury, Howl of Terror
Best I've been able to achieve is about 25% health remaining. What happens is something like:

  • I use up all my interrupts, get hit by the Shriek and stunned for a few seconds. During this time, I am not healing with Soul Leech, so my vw dies. VW dies, everything aggro's me and I die. 
  • I get out of the stun quickly with Unbound Will. Resummon a new vw, only get overwhelmed with adds and die.
  • I AOE too many of the adds, boss enrages and I die. 

While researching, I see this guy doesn't seem to be hit by any of the shrieks. In his comments, he believes that it's due to his range. I am not so sure, there's 40 yard range on that ability. I can't imagine the arena is larger than 40 yards. Maybe a bug? Maybe if I put a Demonic Circle at the absolutely furthest point from him? That's got a 40 yard range.

Talent modifications I haven't tested, but plan on trying tonight...

  1. Grimoire of Service instead of Supremacy. UPDATE: this just creates 2 low life VW, they both die quickly.
  2. Harvest Life instead of Dark Regeneration - UPDATE: Harvest Life no longer does AOE. It's only a buff (which I though blizzard considered boring and wouldn't do).
  3. Also considering Mortal Coil instead of Shadow Fury
  4. How about Blood Horror?? Every baby bird will run away when they peck me?? Fight only lasts about a minute anyway!! - UPDATE: They must not melee hit, because they aren't flying away. 

If all else fails, maybe it's time to dust of Demonology again??


  1. I hope you find a successful method to take him down. I've been stuck on this big bird for ages. Taking a break now and hoping for sudden inspiration to come to me.

    1. not yet... I've been rather frustrated by this bird and have basically given up for now. I haven't played demo in awhile so I couldn't do enough damage and stay alive, maybe my rotation stinks? Probably.

      I've been trying to get my "secrets" done for the legendary quest line, but without the buff, it's a lousy drop rate..


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