Leveling a Druid: What You Get When?

As I've been leveling my Druid to 60, I am constantly frustrated when I do ding a level, say, mid-fight, and all the 'Congrats! Now that you're __, you can now do ____." flies by.  This list will attempt to be a comprehensive list of those new items. I am mainly concerned with 0-60.

6: Learn cat form
8: Learn bear form
10: Pick specialization
10: First specialization spell

12/14: Second spec spell(s)
15: First talent slot
15: Dungeon: Deadmines
15: Dungeon: Ragefire Chasm
16: Learn travel form
16: Learn moonkin (balance spec) form
17: Dungeon: Wailing Caverns
18: Learn aquatic form
18: Dungeon: Shadowfang Keep
20: Apprentice Riding

22: Dungeon: The Stockade
22: Dungeon: Blackfathom Deeps
25: First glyph activated
26: Dungeon: Gnomeregan
28: Dungeon: Scarlet Halls
30: Second talent slot
30: Dungeon: Scarlet Monastery

32: Dungeon: Razorfen Kraul
36: Dungeon: Maraudon
37: Dungeon: Uldaman
40: Journeyman Riding
40: Dungeon: Scholomance

42: Dungeon: Razorfen Downs
44: Dungeon: Dire Maul
45: Third talent slot
46: Spec spell "Leader of the pack" passive
46: Dungeon: Zul'Farrak
48: Dungeon: Stratholme

50: Leather specialization starts
50: Second glyph activated
52: Dungeon: Sunken Temple
53: Dungeon: Blackrock Depths
56: Rebirth learned
57: Dungeon: Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts
58: Learn flight form, now can fly Outlands, need FML in order to fly in Orgrimmar.
58: Dungeon: Blackrock Spire
60: Talent slots open up
60: Expert Riding (normal flying)
60: Flight Master's License (fly in vanilla)

68: Cold Weather Flying

70: Learn swift flight form
70: Artisan Riding (required for swift flight form)
75: Talent slots open up
75: Third glyph activated

80: Master Riding

90: Talent slots open up
90: Wisdom of the Four Winds (fly in Pandaria)


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