My WildStar Beta Experience (so far)

Last weekend I was excited to see a key in my email inviting me to the WildStar beta. Sure, why not try it out before it goes on sale next month. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to start installing the binaries until after 10PM Sunday night. By the time I finally had everything installed it was after 11:30PM and the beta servers were shut down.

Checking back to the site later the week, I found good news. One more Wildstar beta weekend, then open beta until Grand Opening. Yeah!

I mean, sure, it looks interesting. The game has quite a sense of humor, with an anime look and feel. Add player housing, player created 'dungeons' (aka WarPlots) and some end-game raiding like content, it has some potential.


Unfortunately, my experience in the beta hasn't been any fun. I've tried about 4 times this weekend to play and my experience has been less than stellar. 

But, "No Realms Available"

I'll keep trying...


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