RL Feats of Strength

After finally finishing off my Champion of the Horde achievements and what it meant to me to get these completed.

But honestly, we (gamers, parents, citizens of the world) face down and complete our own 'Feats of Strength' on a regular basis. I've decided to create a few of my own Feats.


Wear a tiara in public as an adult (for daughter's birthday is ok.).


Successfully cooked a holiday meal and no one comes down with food poisoning.

Meeting Impossible!

Eat a large burrito for lunch and then attend hour long meeting without a pit stop (or any embarrassing noises)!

I'm ApreSHE8ed!

Obtain (unsolicited) a Certificate of Appreciation from your kid's classroom.

Horde:1 Gym:0

Proudly display that you still play (not just subscribe to) World of Warcraft!


Ask for, or put an, extra scoop of sprinkles on your frozen dessert!

Long Timer

Stay with a single job for more than 5 years!

Aw, Schucks...

Marry your sweetheart!

How about you, what are some of your Feats of Strength


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