MOP Glyphs - This Could Have Been FUN!

There's a quest in the Panda 85+ zone where you walk to a cliff and bungee jump down to grab some items. My lock is on a PVP beta server and some Alliance Priest was sitting off to the side mind controlling people into jumping off the cliff. I lived, ported back to Home, then ran back and sent a few fireballs his way. It would have been nice to have this minor glyph (and been playing Demo and not Destro). I could have simply flew down as a meteor!?

This is a nice change for Blizzard. They kept saying they wanted to create 'fun' glyphs. Personally, much better than the Glyph of Voidwalker which it's replacing. Are we going to see other spec's with equally fun or silly glyphs? Here's a few that I found:
Feet of flame, float on water. Just don't stop, you'll sink
  • Glyph of Burning Anger - Warriors will spontaneously combust!
  • Druids... don't get me started on all their new forms to morph into (orca, stag, sparkle, treant)... 
  • Slow fall glyphs (GraceFalling AvengerPath of Frost and Heavens) - think there will be a lot of jumping in Panda? We had CC glyphs show up in Cata.. :)
  • The awesome Glyph of Nightmares - our warlock land mount floats while running. 
  • Arcane Languages? I don't get this one. I play an Orc, but understand Troll and Tauren already. At least, I assume all troll NPCs don't also speak Orcish.

Here's to looking forward to more fun glyphs. How about one that converts 'drain life' into a rainbow (I know we have a pet seduce that's a rainbow, but!)? I'd love to kill my foes on the BG with rainbows!! Ok, we're supposed to be gloomy, power hungry, shadow and flame dealers of death and destruction; we need a black rainbow. 


  1. I have to agree that the GoN is great, albeit still a little buggy. Sometimes the fire effects are there and sometimes they're not. I just hope they keep the glyph choices fun and creative. Have you seen the glyph of banish demon? The tooltip says it is now offense to Blizz but that isnt fun. When was the last time any 'locks even used that ability?

    1. I did use a Banish macro the first dozen times in the Cata dungeon, Vortex Pinnacle, when CC was really important.

      But RED?? Geesh.


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