OMG! Epic Rainbows!

At my child's Elementary school, they are getting all rev'd up for St. Patricks day. For them, this means 4-leaf clovers, leprechauns and rainbows with pots of gold at the end. My youngest is looking for us to set up a leprechaun trap in the house, so we can capture one and he can share his gold with his class.(IDTS, it's all MINE!!) Guess we'll have to see what we catch..

This 'holiday', Blizzard is not going to disappoint. In patch 4.03 (aka Cataclysm), they included a new series of quests in Felwood. This series of quests (see comment), starts with you bagging Impsey (try not to kill him, I suggest a swift wack with your weapon), and then ends with you blinding imps with a crystal refraction. The quest chain took me a total of about 15 minutes, include flight time from Orgrimmar. Best of all, when you're done, you get your very own Rainbow Generator. Sure it doesn't do any damage at 85 (30 damage on a critter with 42 health), but oh, what a disgrace to be killed with a rainbow in a battleground! /giggle I can't wait!! (send me your pics! I'll post them as a gallery.)

Results for treasure found at end of rainbow will vary.
If this trinket didn't have a 10-minute cooldown, I think it would be a friendly way to complete the Critter Killer achievement. Blinding them with rainbows, sounds so much friendlier than flames. Sadly, it doesn't even do enough damage.

While doing some research on this topic, everyone keeps referencing this video:

With Cataclysm, we get:

Now you can go for the gold with our own double rainbow. Found inside the Battle for Gilneas battleground, near the Waterworks. Stand here and do the /gasp emote for an achievement.

I look forward to seeing a triple rainbow generated here at the base of these falls.

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