A-Caroling We Will Go - PVP FREE method.

I logged on earlier this afternoon to be greeted by one of OOT's resident altaholics, Taurohtar, finishing off the Winter Veil achievement A-Caroling We Will Go. This achievement has you fly around to each of your enemy's capitol cities and sing a little festive song. Intrigued, I joined her along on one instance of completeing this achievement. Funny enough on her warlock. Gratefully, Taur went through it one more time for me and sent along these instructions and screenies.

So, here's Taurohtar un-edited.

1.       Take the portal to Dragonmaw port (Equip your sweater!) (Don't leave it in the bank as I did).

 2.       Travel in an almost straight western direction

3.       Towards Ironforge

4.       When you pass through the wetlands, you’ll know you’re on the right track if you see these hills.

5. You’ll fly past the front of IF by way of the eastern side.

6. Hopefully you’ve been smart enough to fly high enough to avoid trouble, you’ll see the tops of the gate.

7.  Here’s a nice squarish spot – use it.

8. Quickly mount and fly southwest-ish, keeping more south than west.

9.  I make this ugly sweater look good.

10. In the northern area of Stormwind, there are many unoccupied towers,

11. find one (this one is near the dock area)

12. Head towards the furthest  dock, all the way south. You’ll catch a boat called “The Bravery” (We mounted the boat sitting up on the boom of the sail. Just to avoid any drive-by alliance.)

13. Disembark once you’re no longer in ‘open water’ (fatigue) so as to avoid detection.
Flying up up up up up
14. head towards the city

15. Find this landmark

16. Land once the zone text turns red

17. Down down down

18. fly back to the docks, but stop at the first (eastern most) dock. Again.. fly high enough to avoid attention.

19. Get on the boat to Exodar – flying mounts won’t work here, so be cautious…

20. jump off and there is the back door to the Exodar!

21. use the shirt for the last time and hearth the hell outta here lol (Make sure you use while on the bricks. I clicked a little too early and had to wait for the 20s cooldown)

Win like Charlie sheen


  1. This is the most efficient route to take


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