Vote for MrRobot - 1 hr left to vote...

Mr. Robot is trying to get nominated for the "Best Bootstrapped Startup" on the Crunchies (an award program run by TechCrunch). All you have to do is follow this link and nominate Team Robot!

Voting ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:59pm. Also, if you share this link with friends, on your guild forum, Twitter or Facebook, it will help Mr. Robot's quest to unlock the Crunchie achievement!

So Mr. Robot... what is a "bootstrapped startup"?

This basically means that we didn't get a ton of money from rich people to run our company. The three founders (Yellowfive, Zoopercat, and Revulva) now run Team Robot as a full-time job, trying to make it entirely on profits from the website and services that we provide. We really like video games and helping people improve and have more fun, so we hope to continue making enough money to keep the servers running! And... pay rent and buy food. We're still working on that part.

Sincerely (we really mean that),

Team Robot


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