IT: Save Me Plz!

As I am sitting here, trying to get motivated about wiping over and over again in the LFD/LFG queues, I start to think of each wipe, as a crime scene. All those corpses over the place, just waiting to be processed, photographed, bagged and sent of to the morgue.

Then I take the leap from in-game to real world. Take one major car accident, mix in some WoW. Instead of the morgue showing up, there's just a bunch of people sitting around a roast pig, eating, while a shaman has thrown up totems to heal everyone. Maybe a few people still a ghost running back from the local 'graveyard'.

Of course, then I fall over to a short story I read, where the game world starts to mingle with real-world.
      They ride two white unicorns down a forest path blanketed with fresh snow, and by some strange twist of magic or fate they come upon something that should not exist.      It lies half-buried in the drifts, but Leena can see that it was once a sort of carriage made from black metal. It has a roof, and its underside is all manner of piping, rusted now. Long ago, someone had sliced it in half. Where its other half may now lie, none can say. (Save Me Plz by David Barr Kirtley). 
The entire story was read, back in 2007 on Escape Pod and is now available on their archive CDs. Another fun story, go check it out.

As for the new dungeons, I am still skeptical. Maybe need a guild run (tonight) to start them rolling.


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