What's so gooey, with my GUI

After recently installing the Power Auras addon last week, I've been seriously reconsidering my in-game GUI. What is working, what is not working.

Relavent Addons:

  • PowerAuras is working nicely to help track my spell rotation, warn if my warlock armor has dropped and remind me to set up the food and flask buffs.

  • Bartender has helped me put more buttons on the screen. As a destruction warlock, I rotate through 5 spells regularly, then have several emergency fillers for when the need arises (AOE, fear, death coil, curses). Bartender let me define 6 different bars for these purposes (healing bar - pots, healthstone, bandages; regular items - hearth, mount). In addition, I can define the column/row size, button size and when they show up.

  • XPerl reformats the player information bars, allowing me to define where I would like to have my target, focus and raid information show.

  • OPie expands the available buttons by adding a popup menu available via keystrokes. ALT+D displays all my warlock demons that I can summon. ALT+Q displays all the quest items in my bags.

  • Necrosis is a warlock shortcut tool. I was considering dropping this one due to my other addons, but I keep thinking of yet one more thing this addon supplies.
    1. It notifies if a mob will fear-resist or banishable.

    2. It tracks and dumps soul shards over a predefined amount.

    3. It provides one click warlock candy (healthstones) and applying firestones to my weapon

    4. It provides two click summoning portal.

What's not working?

  • Buttons too small now. I set my primary buttons to 80% normal size, and my secondary 'health' buttons to 65%. Now when trying to use my healing spells, I really have to aim to click. Not like before where the button was large enough to use without aiming too hard. Considerations:
    • make buttons larger - I like the idea, but I am really looking to decrease my in-combat real estate used.

    • make new in-combat button bar that only appears when fighting - interesting idea, but would require extensive testing.

    • keybind a macro - have been considering this for quite some time, just haven't invested the thought cycles.

  • Necrosis takes up in-combat real estate. I have not researched if anything can be done about shrinking or hiding this addon while in combat.

  • Questing vs Raiding addons - I don't really need the Carbonite popups while in a raid, but they are nice while questing. Need to consider unloading these addons when entering a raid.

I definitely need to keep working on it. Thanks for listening while I work it out in my head.


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