Doing my chores

One of my guildies reviewed my gear on WoW-Heroes and told me that I looked good for Naxx25 and OS10. Cool! Checking out this site, I found that I was missing enchants on my gear. Simple enchants that I could purchase immediately.

With that, I realized in several places, I was running "substandard" enchants on my gear also. This got me into doing my dailies again.

My current chore list:

  1. Run around Dalaran for the Kirin Tor Mage books. Check VH for the Heroic Daily, maybe that night with Guild.
  2. Pickup Dalaran cooking and fishing daily (finish if able to w/o flying off).
  3. Port to Shatrath and check the fishing daily there. Do it and hearth back.
  4. Run around Dalaran for the Kirin Tor Mage books
  5. Fly up to Argent Tournament - do Champion, and Undercity dailies (almost have Exalted with UC, would love to get a skeletal horse)
  6. Fly over to Sons of Hodir area, do dailies there. Hearth home.

Nicely, this little route nets me probably 200-300g each time. Gone up over 1,000 gold in the last week of irregular play. Plus, the other day, I reached Honor with Hodir and was able to pick up the "basic" shoulder enchant.


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