Comic: Demonology in Legion (complete)

I had plans to post an image every few days leading up to today, Easter Sunday, ending with my final punchline today. Vacation happened faster than I could anticipate and spent all day last Saturday packing instead of posting. So instead of episodic, this is the entire comic. You should be able to open the first one, then simply slide to the right to get the next panel of the comic.

The Summons

The Meeting

The Quest

The Legion


The Agony


The Solution

Oh, this doesn't look good.

The Love

This doesn't look good.

The Quote

Go forth malefic bunnies!

This comic was inspired by this quote posted November 10, 2015 by Blizzard. This blog post details changes coming to warlocks in Legion and how demonology has 'strayed' from it initial inception.


  1. Thank god I never got the hang of Demonology and just stuck with Affliction so I don't have to have this headache.


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