My First Day in WoD

This is my first day in Draenor via screen shots. My server is Malfurion-US (CST or GMT-6) I live in California (PST GMT-8) 

9am I log-on to the server and start questing. Immediately feel the urgency of the game. Leveling going great. The flow of the starting area, the cut-scenes, it's a lot of fun. Feels like the Jones series in Uldum of Wrath.  

I reach the first boss (this might not be him), and have to laugh as the names flash across the screen.
It reminds me of the silly splash screens that Borderlands is famous for, like... 

9:38am, I find my first profession, herbalism, book. Opening this book, teaches me several of the basics. Nice way to learn the next level of a profession, by doing it. 

After one such plant picking, I am attacked by a flower buddy. He's a little loot monster for the plant. Killing him nets 8x of the same plant. Very nice!

 Then the lag starts. I spot little things like this peon who's sleep walking. He proceeds to sleep himself up the ramp and out the front gate of my garrison.

Got into the same dungeon 2 times. First time I barely kept up with the tank. He basically took the entire dungeon at a full run. If you looted the bodies, you were left behind. 
I liked the mechanics in this dungeon. The void area silenced you. No damage, but as a caster, I couldn't do anything. 
By 1PM, the lag was terrible. Here I am at the taxi stand waiting to dismount. Eventually I just had to exit the game the hard way (close the program). 
After about 5 minutes at the taxi stand, I bounced up into the air, where I found someone else stuck on the taxi. We could chat, we could emote, could even turn the taxi around, but couldn't dismount.

 Logged on after 10PM local and started working again on leveling up. In searching for a rare, Primalist Mur'og, I found this path with ogre path markers. Gotta love that ogre logic. Top image is at hideout, bottom is at entrance.

Accomplishments so far. 

  • Level 92
  • Garrison level 2 (great Garrison Guide by AskMrRobot)
    • Alchemy Lab - started first work orders. Now what can I do with these mats?? Not sure yet. Bought all the recipes that he had to sell for gold and the +int recipe for one research.
    • Tailoring - did first work order now need to gather mats to work on 545 head piece.
    • Tavern - two dailies that actually need me to go back into dungeons. Hour plus wait last night so maybe today after patched.. 
    • Mine is open. Need to find starting quests for farm and fishing pond.
  • Almost done questing in starting area, Frostfire Ridge. Wow that place is HUGE. I still haven't completed some quests in the upper north.

IMHO, the expansion day one went well. I can't remember a day one in the past that didn't have at least some lag on the very first day. They're working on something right now, so very possibly this will be resolved. Wowhead is reporting it was a distributed denial of service attack?? Or is that just techno-talk for Wow a lot of people from all over are all trying to logon!?! 


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