Elkagorasa the Casual: What to Expect when 6.0.2 Drops Live

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What to Expect when 6.0.2 Drops Live

Sometime next month (October 2014), patch 6.0.2 will drop from the PTR down to the live realm. This includes a good number of the changes to the game both expected and unexpected.

WoD Pre-Event starts:

  • Iron Horde starts invasion
  • UBRS dungeon revamp is launched. (video run through)
  • Kor'kron removed from Horde cities following Garrosh's removal from power.

Interface changes:

  • New character models
  • Revamped Group finder (looks more like oQueue).
  • Inventory Improvements
    • Quest items don't go in bags
    • Toys in Toychest
    • Reagent tab added to bank. You can now craft using items in bank if in this specific tab.
    • 2nd tab to void storage, 98 more slots.
  • Bag changes
    • sorting via "cleanup bags" button
    • item colors showing around items, 
    • tradeskill items stack to 200
  • Updated Mount Journal that includes location mounts can be acquired. Specify favorite mounts and summon random mount button to be added. 
  • Auction House is combined (per realm) Horde, Alliance and Neutral. So, get ready to sell your cross faction pets on the Auction House!! (@Veroicone)
  • Reforging removed. Reforges will be removed from all your items with patch. Secondary stats are designed to fix this balancing. 
Before and After Squish

Class/character changes

  • Numerous stat changes
    • Stat squish goes live. 
    • Balancing of primary stats.
    • removal of non essential stats, including hit and expertise. 
      • Hit on existing items converted into haste, int or mastery. 
      • Any talent or ability that granted these have been removed or modified.
    • new secondary stats: bonus armor, multistrike and versatility. 
  • Changes to healing, including dumber auto-target (aoe) heals. Intent to make healing more active job, instead of spamming aoe heals. AOE heals may cost more mana, vs direct healing. 
  • Learn some major glyphs while leveling. 
  • Ability pruning of various classes and restructuring of racial traits to not provide hit, cc or .  Warlocks not hit very hard as we had a re-build with last expac.
    • All weapon specializations removed; haven't needed it since not needing to level weapon skills.  (still proud that my warlock got this one).
  • CC Changes. Remove or restructure most CCs. 
  • Haste and Crit  no longer have 'separate' types (ranged, spell, melee).


Dungeon/Raid Changes:

  • Siege will have a 100% drop rate on Garrosh's legendary drops for 6.0 patch (normal or higher); with release of WoD goes to 0%. 
  • The mount for beating Garrosh in Mythic will disappear with WoD release. (Just realized I'll never get Mimiron's head). 
  • Revised Raid Tiers:
    • LFR stays
    • Flex tier disappears
    • Normal and Heroic convert to the Flex model and allow anywhere from 10 to 25 players.
    • Mythic tier added, fixed at 20 players.
  • Legacy Raids simplified for soloing
    • Dragon Soul - 86+ 
    • ICC - skip Valithria as door is always open.
    • Ulduar - Thorim no longer resets when arena empty. 

Non-Blizzard changes

  • Addons all stop working correctly. 

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