Heirlooms, Get Your Heirlooms!

BOA gear closet coming soon?
Coming with 6.0, it's been announced that Blizzard is going to give all the Justice Heirloom vendor's a vacation.
As you might already be aware, both Justice and Valor Points are being removed as currencies from the game in 6.0.2. As we started to work on new ways to buy Heirlooms, we found that we were setting their value up for a rollercoaster ride. That's because we’re also working on a larger Heirloom system for a future patch, and we don’t want to introduce an interim pricing scheme that could temporarily devalue Heirlooms or limit how we’d be able to give them out in the future. Rather than make players face buyer’s remorse and hand-wringing decisions about when to buy, we’re going to give the Justice Heirloom vendors some time off while we work on improving the system as a whole.
As you can guess, if you plan to boost a level 60 toon, and you're still haven't started or have quite a ways to go, you might want to start purchasing your pieces. You'll still be able to purchase all other heirlooms (i.e. guild, DMF, argent tourney, and pvp). Get your chest, and maybe shoulders ASAP. So not only finishing legendary quest before the quest line disappearsm, start grinding JP before 6.0...

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