Buckets full of Timeless Coins

Elkagorasa has been actively grinding elites all over the Timeless Isle. At 11 PM local, or 1 AM server, it's not that busy, so when an rare is announced, it's fairly safe that they'll still be fighting when he get's there.

With that, I found Elk's pockets bulging with over 20,000 timeless coins. So, I bought batches of 5 keys from Kukuru and opened chests in his little cave. Each key unlocks a treasure chest that can contain anything from 1-1000 more coins, Bonkers, timeless gear tokens, and even the highly rare burden of eternity (BoE).

From my time last night, I bought approximately 40 keys, from which I got 2 Bonkers, about 10 gear tokens (mail, plate, leather and 2 cloth) and around 3/4 of my investment in coins; spend 2,500 coins, get 1,900 coins back.

Still looking for my pants. I want to use my BoE on a Timeless Cloth Pants token. This should net me a pair of Cloudscorcher Leggings. 5 hours later, still no CLOTH pants. I have mail pants. I have plate pants. Still no cloth. Most of the Cloudscorcher options are still better than the LFR drop "Leggings of Furious Flame", which are a ton easier to get than the lock tier pants.


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