Shared Topic: I Don't Get It!

Ambermist proposed an interesting shared topic idea. Since I haven't wrote on a shared topic in probably a year, this looks a good re-start.
What about WoW just doesn't work for you? Maybe it's something you aren't good at, maybe it's something you just don't understand, maybe it's something people like that you really never got into and don't understand the appeal. (Source)
 I just don't get it. I have been playing WoW since the Vanilla and I just don't get the desire to level up a army of alts. I have/had a number of guildies that have leveled up enough alts to cover every possible profession. No, not just DKs because of their jump start at level 57, but druids for the herbalism and mining while in flight form or goblins for the alchemy bonus and blood elf for the enchanting bonus.

I can't do it! The grind up all those levels over and over again sounds dreadful. I already spend 4 hours a week trying to get Elk into LFR raids (working on legendary quest line), searching the Timeless Isles for BOA gear for my disc priest and/or skipping the queue and just playing my priest in the ToT raids.

I won't do it! I have a collection of alts. I have a level 15 goblin hunter so that I could see the goblin starting area and is now all decked out in PVP gear. I have a level 62 troll death knight for the same reason. I have three under level 5 alliance toons from a failed Wrath pet re-sales business. The highest non-starting area toon I have is a orc rogue who made it all the way to 30 before I realized I didn't like leveling alts.

My level 90s are and shall be:

  • Elkagorasa, destruction warlock, max level herbalism, alchemy, first aid and 590+ cooking
  • Eride, discipline priest, max level tailor and enchanting


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